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More about Wasabi

Providing customers with a choice of individually wrapped sushi, Japanese hot food dishes with various sides and a range of noodle soups and salads; for eat in or takeaway.

In addition to the sushi and hot food, Wasabi now offers ‘Teppan’ Hot Plate. There are a range of authentic dishes to choose from including Okonomiyaki (Japanese style pancake), Omsoba (Noodles in an omelette wrap) and Yakisoba (Grilled noodles). These dishes are prepared fresh in front of the customer. Not only do these taste delicious, it is quite a spectacle to see the chef prepare the food.

Wasabi continues to be innovative with their range offering distinctive Japanese cuisine at affordable prices. This commitment to fair pricing never affects the quality of the food, which is always prepared daily using fresh, quality ingredients.