Sweaty Betty has arrived

We're thrilled that this iconic brand has opened a new store right here in the heart of the City

Born in the heart of London’s Notting Hill, Sweaty Betty has been ensuring that ‘style meets performance’ in women’s activewear for over 18 years.

The brand’s mission is to “inspire women to find empowerment through fitness”, which we think sounds like a pretty good mission.

Sweaty Betty AW16

Sweaty Betty’s founder Tamara Hill-Norton is renowned for fusing multi-sport ranges with on-trend aesthetics. As a result, Sweaty Betty has become famous for innovative, technical designs that transcend the studio, excelling across multiple sports from yoga to running and dance.

Sweaty Betty

The clothing is distinguished by exclusive fabrics, fully opaque leggings, reversible styles and statement prints. Collaborating with top British designers, Sweaty Betty has featured on the London Fashion Week catwalk, putting the brand at the forefront of performance and style. 

The new store is located on our Ground Floor.