Style Council blog: Sara Darling shops for summer

Fashion director and stylist Sara Darling turns the tables on herself to pick out her perfect holiday wardrobe...

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As a stylist, I don’t often find myself shopping for, well, me! That’s why I was so looking forward to an afternoon of shopping at One New Change last week.

I’ll also soon be off to Greece (5-star press trip no less), so a wardrobe refresh was very much in order!

Not wanting to hit the high street in the heat and summer crowds, I knew that I could shop at the same stores but in comfort at One New Change, so I booked myself an afternoon off and headed to The City!

With stores like COS, Topshop, Reiss, H&M and AllSaints, I was a girl on a mission.

Being fairly flexible in what I was after meant I went a bit mad trying things on. With stores like COS, Topshop, Reiss, H&M and AllSaints, I was a girl on a mission. I knew my afternoon of shopping wouldn’t get the better of me!

Shopping at One New Change also meant I could step into the air con stores all under one roof and stop for refreshments when I needed some extra energy - with the convenient Searcy’s champagne bar in case you’re interested!

Top shopping tactics


As it’s the start of summer, the stores were brimming with fresh, shiny collections for the onslaught of our hopefully sunny season, which suited me to the ground, as I was expecting 25 degrees plus in Santorini!

To be honest, I haven’t been on a shopping spree for myself for quite some time, so I was like a kid in a candy store. Grabbing items like I was on Supermarket Sweep did get me a teeny bit flustered, so I gave myself a good talking to, and a budget, and resumed playtime!

Woman on a mission


However, it seemed that lunchtime on a Tuesday was a very popular time to shop, and I was literally biting other women’s hands off if they went anywhere near my gorgeous selections! In fact, I probably need to apologise to any of those girls who were having a leisurely lunchtime browse as I was a woman on a mission and was certainly not taking any prisoners.

Apologies to the sales assistants, too, for the mounds of clothes that I tried on but did not purchase. The thought was there!

I was like a kid in a candy store.

In the end, I decided to search for sundresses that would work from day to night and give me ultimate tanning potential. Also on my hit list was a pair of chinos to wear with my clogs. Possibly even an off-the-shoulder top for my gypsy vibe and a bikini, should I find the perfect pairing!

Once I had done the rounds for the first time, I had a serious think about what I needed, and what would complement my current wardrobe - which is the expert advice I always give my friends when I go shopping with them, so I’m quite pleased to see that I was heeding it myself!

That's a wrap darling


The result was a pair of houndstooth trousers from Topshop, a khaki paperbag waisted pair (H&M) a pretty boho top (Topshop) some layering jewellery (Accessorize) and a bargain pair of suede cowboy boots (H&M). I also succumbed to a bikini, but after careful consideration in front of my mirror at home, I decided it was best to part ways with it!  

After all that hard graft, I was well in need of a cocktail or two, and whisked my grateful (and worn out) buddy to the first floor of One New Change, for a long overdue three course lunch at Barbecoa. Not bad for an afternoon’s work!