Lifestyle changes to try this Lent

With Lent running until 13 April, it's a time for cutting back for a healthier, happier you. Whatever you're going without, here are some easy ways to stick to your Lent promises.

Give up bread


Fed up of toast for breakfast and stodgy sarnies every day for lunch? Us too. We're ditching the bread during Lent and opting for meals which are lower in carbs and higher in fibre and protein. We love EAT.'s Smoked Salmon and Egg Fit Box - smoked salmon served with egg, chargrilled garlic and chilli broccoli and spinach. Delicious! 

Give up alcohol


We can all be guilty of that post-work glass of wine (or two) and treating ourselves to one too many cocktails on the weekend - but giving up the booze is easier than you think. Head to Barbecoa and check out their incredibly tempting yet virtuous 'no alcohol' drinks menu. Make ours a Victorian Iced Tea, please! 

Give up fatty foods


If you're prone to sinking your teeth into a burger and fries a little more often than you should, Lent is a great time to nip your bad habits in the bud. We all know the consequences of consuming too much fat - but low in fat doesn't have to mean low in taste. Pho's Bún tôm Huế (hot & spicy juicy king prawn pho) only contains 5.1g of fat and 0.4g of saturated fat and it tastes a-ma-zing! 

Give up stress


And... breathe. If City life is leaving you at the end of your tether, use Lent as a time to focus on mindfulness and wellbeing. Sweaty Betty's free Yoga Flow classes are the perfect environment in which to stretch out and switch off from your busy life. 

Give up sugar


Take sweets, chocolate, cakes and biscuits off the menu this Lent in a bid to cut back on the sweet stuff. (Sorry!) Instead, satisfy your sweet-tooth with something like Sugar Free Strawberry & Cream Drops from M&S. Keep a packet in your bag or on your desk to curb those pesky late-afternoon cravings. 

Give up working too much


You deserve to cut yourself some slack. Leave the office on time and enjoy an evening out with your colleagues at one of our bars or restaurants. Searcys 1847 is the perfect setting for loosening your tie or letting your hair down a little. Lent made you do it. 

Give up coffee


We know you find it hard to get through your 10am conference call without a double espresso inside you, but you might be happier and healthier (and actually have more energy) if you choose a different drink from time to time. Visit Bea's and try the lemon & ginger peppermint tea for a zingy morning pick-me-up instead.